Our Story

Jamal Maslamani Sons Co. is an prolonged brand browser of Maslamani brothers that (MB) was established in Nablus 1952. Jamal Maslamani Sons Company was principally started by producing & marketing roasted Arabic nuts including Almonds, Pistachio, Cashew ..etc, then developed gradually to export it’s products and import confectionery products like wafers, biscuits and chocolates to the local market. Now Jamal Maslamani Sons Co. is chief driver for vast distributing fleets of distributing roasted nuts over than 10 selling points of show rooms in the Palestinian states besides mid-shelves distributing for the local markets in the Palestinian States.

Main premises of Jamal Maslamani Sons Co. is located in Beit Iba, west of Nablus and stands over 7000 m2. The premises was equipped according to international standards. Nowadays, the company incubates 84 employees distributed over 5 departments.

Our products are distributed in the West Bank and Gaza to supermarkets, hotels, coffee shops, buffets and cafeterias

KAJO is a derived branding Department of Jamal Maslamani Sons Co. for Food Stuff such as roasted Nuts & Confectionary which is officially on track from the early beginning of 2016. this Business is a maintained conclusion of very long proficient experience in producing Arabic Roasted Nuts over the international regulations of quality. Owned By Almaslamani family projecting a promising aim, which is to pioneer in exporting, and importing and locally distributing for all food services.

Maslamani, briefly has built strong maintained browser that encompasses networks locally and Internationally, which would be attained by spinning to & from channels locally and Internationally. Till now, MASLAMANI had constructed a superior Supply Chain to accumulate the pioneered company activities.

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