Saad Al Maslamani Company

Saad Al Maslamani Company

“Saad Al Maslamani” Company is a manufacturing entity specialized in producing, packaging and distributing freshly roasted seeds and nuts. 

Decades of rich experience passed down generations of Al Maslamani family led to the establishment of “Saad Al Maslamani” company in 2018. However, It all started many years back, in 1952 in particular, with a humble roastery shop in the old city of Nablus specialized in roasting seeds, that grew as years went by to eventually turn into a huge company, that is not only specialized in roasting seeds, but also specialized in roasting coffee and providing many other premium food goods. Today, Al Maslamani is a huge manufacturing complex operating in fully automated production lines, to process, package and distribute food products to the Palestinian market daily, in addition to exporting premium Palestinian food goods to regional and international markets as well. 

With Al Maslamani, Quality is guaranteed. Our products are being processed, packaged, and distributed abiding by International Quality regulations at every step of the way. Additionally, Al Maslamani has been awarded a certificate of quality from the International Taste Institute in Belgium, further proof of quality, in terms of taste and freshness.

Currently, “Saad Al Maslamani” Company has 6 physical stores all over Palestine, in the cities of Nablus, Jenin, and Qalqelia. Soon, a new branch will be opening in the city of Ramallah. All of these stores operate under the brand of Saad Al Maslamani, not to mention private labeling to other markets . 

For years, Saad Al Maslamani has been developing the business, rolling out new products and flavors regularly, developing recipes, and enhancing the branding strategy throughout. We are a brand on a mission, and our efforts will never waver til we achieve this mission.

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